Digital Stabilization

A proactive, comprehensive 360˚ approach to analyze and remedy shortfalls in the IT Department: its strategies, policies, procedures, governance, business continuity, teams, deliverables, and its collaboration with other departments in the organization. This can includes all of wit Consulting services, with the purpose of reaching a world-class IT Department across the organization.

Advisory Services

Providing executive and senior management with digital transformation, and IT advisory services. In addition to, creating and aligning their IT strategies to the existing business & corporate strategies. We also work with your IT section heads, to verify the implementation of their governance framework.


Solution Architecture

To architect a solution, the business will be analyzed from A to Z, to identify its processes and pains. If the processes need amendment, we will invite one of our Business Consulting partners to analyze them. Then, a comprehensive solution will be designed, with implementation recommendations.

Implementation Supervision

Supervising the implementations of your information & technology projects, while referencing the guidance of ISO 21500:2012. Be they a continuation of a Solution Architecture project, or the new implementation of an off-the-shelf solution, such as ERP, CRM, BI, IoT, ... etc.

License Management

The management of software assets, while compliant with the licensing policies, is very important to the business and its operational budget. Invite us to work with you on your Oracle licenses, and Oracle License Management Services commitments, as part of our Advisory Services.